As seen on TV3 News and NZ Herald: We live in an era where technology circumvents face to face interactions, where someone could hide behind their desk and create a boisterous profile on facebook but is enigmatic in real person, for some people the virtual world had superseded reality.

Now picture this...

Between the boxing, push ups and discussion about favorite movies, foods and sports, there will be allot of good chemistry and bonding, substantially more personal then the traditional speed date type of activities. There is no need to feel intimidated by the workout aspect. Although it is meant to be challenging, the circuit training is designed so that everyone can work out at their individual level. Fitness Connect offers a low-pressure way of meeting new people with similar interests, with the right mix of marketing and word of mouth, this could become the latest trend in fitness and dating.

The duration of the class is approximately 60 minutes, with optional drinks after the session.

Placed always filling up fast so get in quick! And Why? Because...

Feedback from past class attendees:

"Thanks DJ for an awesome fitness speed dating night. Your match making abilities are second to none and resulted in me meeting the man of my dreams. The day after the event we went out on his motorbike for a blast around the Waikato and have never looked back. Ten months on we've travelled through South America together, had some awesome scuba diving adventures, covered many kms on his bike, run a half marathon together and are now loved up in our place by the beach in Kohi. The dating night was an exercise in hope rather than expectation for me, but I guess you have to put yourself out there and see what happens! Thanks again. Kind Regards, Sandra"
"The work out was just right, not over worked but I could feel I had done a good workout. It was a novel way to meet new people, in such surroundings, with the dinner and drinks afterwards keeping the social side of it up. Thumbs up from me."
"I was a bit nervous at first, because I didn't know what to expect, but the trainer made everyone feel at ease and the exercises were a lot of fun," said Ivana, a Auckland University student who came to the class on the advise of a couple of girlfriends. "It was a great workout, and there were a few guys who I would really like to see again, I'm eager to see if the feelings are mutual."
"I fully understand how difficult it is. Balancing between number of female, male, age, etc. completely is not easy thing...
You did well!
I really enjoyed what we did, although there was no one I am into. It's good that we can meet new people from completely different area, had exercises as well. Never give up if it is what you think is right, and you like to do. Appreciated the way you did for helping others to find right person. It is great thing!" - Catherine