The SPARTA Barbell Club at Priorityfitness is a Olympic lifting programme intended to develop the foundational strength and power necessary to excel at your SPARTA workouts and other pursuits.

We welcome all athletes to our SPARTA Barbell Club, from novices to seasoned lifters! This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to use strength training to stabilize their body and be more explosive. From deadlifts to clean and jerks, snatch to overhead squats, this is not to be missed! Men and women, young and old – Olympic weightlifting is one of the most important fitness commitment you can make for your performance and health.

Barbell Club classes are held here at Priorityfitness, and can be a stand alone progamme or a valuable addition to our regular SPARTA memberships.

This is an 10 week progamme that includes 2 days of programming per week. Two coach-lead group classes will be held on Saturdays at 9:30am and Thursdays at 17:00.
A 10 week commitment is recommended for students of all levels.


Existing Priorityfitness members please inquire regarding your special pricing to be involved in the SPARTA Barbell Club. Cost will be range for you from $100 ~ $150 /10 week depending on your current membership.

Non-member pricing for the SPARTA Barbell club is $30 per casual session or $200 for a concession card(10 lessons with 3 months expiry).