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Athlete of the week – Jason!!

Congratulations to our Athlete of the week Jason Donnelly!

1. What are the 3 things that you do on a regular basis that have the biggest impact on your health and fitness?

– prioritise my calendar to create time for activity
– commit to regular adventures which require some form of fitness
– keep a positive outlook on life

2. What are your fitness goals and challenges?

– just want to keep a consistent fitness routine, and continue so for many more years to come
– ideally get back to 85kgs and stay there
– obtain greater strength and flexibility to assist with my golf! Haha

– making the time to prioritise fitness
– not eating junk after a long week a work
– not using the home brew beer kit too much

3. What does a healthy life look like to you?

– balance with work, family, personal
– keeping good lifestyle, I don’t work Fridays anymore, use Fridays for playing golf, surfing or long weekends in the hills and mountains
– working hard, training hard, playing hard but always having fun
– keeping a good mindset about life and not
Making it too serious

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