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WOD Tours- Travel the world, Get fit, Meet amazing people!

WOD Tours- Travel the world, Get fit, Meet amazing people!

WHat is WOD Tours?

Personalised Fitness

WOD Tours is a healthy holiday company with a difference.  Our adventure travel experiences will give a serious boost to help you live a healthier life. All of course with a fun approach.   Being ‘Far From Ordinary’ will create effective training experiences for you personally, all in extraordinary settings.  Fitness Adventure Travel will take you to exotic destinations combined with effective, personalised training.

Unique Destinations

Choose from one of our superb destinations or request a specially tailored itinerary to get you started for your fitness holiday. Whether you crave a little adventure with a sprinkling of fitness or something far more challenging, our unique holidays translate into a completely exhilerating experience for you every time.

Next trip- October 2019, Taiwan tour, visit all the fun spots, CrossFit boxes and enjoy the shopping/ food till you drop! Register now

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