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Four reasons why you are not losing weight?

Original content by Amber Liu- Do you always have this concern? You go to the gym for workouts five or more times a week, have a healthy diet, always be…

New Intern Alert- Nathan W

A huge welcome to our new intern coach- Nathan W CrossFit Level-1 trainer, currently studying personal training with an academy, ultra marathon runner, you will catch Nathan at most 6am…

Top Methods for Losing Weight in 2019

Losing weight is never easy and over half way into 2019 you would perhaps have a new weight loss goal. If you wanted to approach a half year resolution aggressively…
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This is NOT a Normal Gym

By Mitra Priorityfitness is a community. Our members built this gym, there are no swipe cards, we celebrate people’s birthdays and organise get-togethers for special events. If you walk into…

Thinking About Joining Us?

Well it’s your lucky day because we are offering a free 7 day pass to 10 people 🙂 Only the first 10 people!! So be quick At Priorityfitness we have…

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