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An Open Letter to People Looking For Gyms

An Open Letter to People Looking For Gyms

Sensei Suga recently posted a list of decrees that would best describe what Little Ninja classes are all about, it’s brilliant, make sure you check it out on the Little Ninja page.
Here are what we came up with for the adults 😎:
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We get a lot of queries about training So here are a few answers….

1) This is not a normal gym/ box/ fitness facility. Leave those “ normal gym” expectations at home.

2) This is Not a ego driven facility, Do not come with expectations that it is all “ big guns” and selfie takers. You will be disappointed…

3) Discipline is Not taught, it is formed over time. Talking about it is futile.

4) The training is safe and the lessons are serious. But the lessons are taught in a controlled manner and they will be sometimes challenging.
This is a nice way of saying, it will not always be easy!!

5) We accept personal requests during training and endeavours to make your training a little bit better each time, talk to us!

6) Albeit it is a business, but a business of making a healthy impact on our communities, funding is crucial for sustainability.

7)The coaches and the athletes are all students, always.

8) Fitness and health as life priorities, this is non negotiable.

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