Limited spots available for ALL sessions, bookings compulsory!
$2 penalty for no towel!
Individual workouts are prohibited during class times.
Minimum booking required per class is 3 people or class may be cancelled.
Please follow Priorityfitness Rules&Etiquette, or you may be penalized with burpees!
Team PF
Team PF: (level 4)
Team PF is a collaborative class ran and completed by the coaches at PF, the classes include Olympic lifting, barbell training and all of fundamental functional movements (full list above, and on PF gym wall).
SPARTA: (level 3)
SPARTA includes all of the components that Team PF has, as listed on the above chart – it is a high intensity workout with minimal rest.
Real BOOTCAMP: (level 2)
Real BOOTCAMP is a hard-core grit class that Is based around military training, it is a lower level than SPARTA as it primarily focuses on the fundamental functional movements and requires less technique and mobility. RBC consists of body weight movements, weighted carries (run & walk), KB/DB training and conditioning.
BOOTCAMP: (level 1-3)
BOOTCAMP includes all of the components as Real BOOTCAMP and SPARTA combined to focus solely on general fitness and strength, weight loss, toning up & muscle gain. While BOOTCAMP runs consistently year long, it also has a rotating eight week intake; our 8 Week Body Transformation Bootcamp process which includes a food plan prescribed by our PF nutritionist, specifically for those who want to transform their body in a short period of time.
Note: The above gives the basic outline of each class, you can only truly understand how to program each effectively by shadowing, doing them yourself and practising prescribing them. While you must stick within the parameters of what each session is focussed on, remember that each coach has their own specialities and do not be afraid of letting yours shine through – that is what will make the sessions great.